Как написать эссе для MBA. Урок 15. Пример 2

Если после предыдущего примера у Вас не появились идеи, попробуйте еще одно эссе. На этот раз речь пойдет о Гарварде и нетипичном опыте.

Harvard, publishing

What are your post-M.B.A. career plans?

My experience working at Putnam Berkley has taught me a
tremendous amount about the publishing industry and where I fit in, I have discovered that I love publishing as much as I hoped I would.

When I go into a bookstore and see our books on the shelves and
understand the process that got them there, I am even more interested
in them than before. I now eagerly check the spines to see which
company published which book, evaluate the covers with a critical eye,
and notice the book’s placement in the store. Reading a «hot» new
manuscript that has just come in from an agent isn’t work; it’s fun.

However, while I enjoy the challenge of editing, I prefer the other
aspects of the business: seeing how to get books on the New York
Times Bestseller list, learning about the complicated arrangements of
advances paid to different authors, and understanding how the
company makes money. And I now know that everyone in the industry
has a say in which books get published, not just the editors.

I have decided that 1 want to get a more business-oriented job in
publishing after graduation. Publishing is an old-fashioned industry, and
most people have worked in it for their entire careers. People tend to
do things the way they have always been done and are often unaware of
alternatives. In a few short years, however, the industry is going to have
to deal with a number of changes for which it is currently ill-equipped.
The business is becoming increasingly complex as new channels of
distribution (the superstores) are taking over from the independents,
and electronic distribution and on-line services are becoming available
and increasingly important. Even the very notion of what a publisher
does will be challenged in the next few years. With electronic
distribution of printed material possible, does the publishing company
have a valid role? If so, what will it be? I want to be one of the people
who helps answer these questions for the publishing industry.


Само эссе и опыт кандидата достаточно необычные. В принципе, сам вопрос следует понимать как Why MBA, что и сделала автор. В эссе описаны не только достижения, но и причина – то есть, почему она достигла успеха. Скучным эссе не назовешь – один опыт кандидата чего стоит.

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