1. For people with mouth or gum problems, the dentist might prescribe _________ twice a day as partial treatment.

(A) if irrigate

(B) irrigates

(C) irrigate

(D) irrigation

2. _______ the economy’s performance, strength, and weaknesses are there tables, charts, and data published by public and private agencies.

(A) Analyzing

(B) The tools for analyzing

(C) The analysis of

(D) There are tools of

3. Duplicating the recent history of airborne achievements, the galleries of the National Air and Space Museum ________.

(A) exhibit a collection fascinating

(B) fascinate an exhibit collection

(C) collection a fascinating exhibit

(D) exhibit a fascinating collection

4. ______ all summers, sipping nectar and collecting pollen from flowers.

(A) Bumblebees are the busy

(B) Busy bumblebees are

(C) Being busy bumblebees

(D) Bumblebees are busy

5. The batteries in cordless handheld vacuum cleaners _________ hundreds of tomes/

(A) can be recharged

(B) recharging

(C) recharged

(D) was recharged

6. Societies must often adapt to changes _________ political or economic factors.

(A) which may be brought on by

(B) to which are brought

(C) for bringing on

(D) can be brought by

7. President Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s Theater ________ the night of April 14, 1865.

(A) on

(B) at

(C) by

(D) in

8. Franclin Delano Roosevelt was one of _______ Presidents in American history.

(A) such an energetic

(B) most energetic

(C) energetic

(D) the most energetic

9. Beer contains _______ live yeast when it leaves the bewery.

(A) no

(B) not

(C) none

(D) neither

10. ______ travelers checks, you may not need to carry money.

(A) If you carry

(B) To carry

(C) If he had carried

(D) For carrying

11. The opposite of love is hate, an emotion directed toward any disturbing factor, whatever ______ may be.

(A) that

(B) those

(C) them

(D) they


1. D

2. B

3. D

4. D

5. A

6. A

7. A

8. D

9. A

10. A

11. A

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